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Stress Management / Wellness Workshops

If how we feel about ourselves ultimately determines the effect a stressful situation will have on our lives then strong self worth and emotional control is the antidote.

Our workshops examine this connection between stress and self esteem.We look at the role our personality and temperament plays and how our reaction to a stressful event can make all the difference.

We learn about stress and how to recognise and allievate it with proven yoga techniques which are then incorporated into a short stretch & relax class.

Newspapers report that 9 out of 10 workers in N. Ireland claim to be suffering from stress.

Address the health and well being of your organisation with a talk on stress and how to handle it.


The benefits of yoga for children in our fast paced society are many and varied. Yoga helps improve focus posture and co ordination… the perfect antidote to the TV and computer age.

As they grow children lose their natural ability to breathe properly so we aim to sustain this gift. Yoga also provides them with techniques to release tension and relax. Yoga teaches them ways to feel good about themselves.

Above all at Cloud  Nine n.i. our children’s classes aim to be fun and informative. We integrate body awareness creative movement elements of dance and rhyme with traditional yoga techniques.

Chair Yoga

Breathing stretching visualisation and affirmation while seated on a chair make it an ideal activity for the workplace care-home or community organisation.

Soft and gentle stretching provides a therapeutic head to toe workout for those with health conditions the elderly or those who just want to go easy on their bodies.

Chair yoga increases circulation and may alleviate conditions like arthritis. The whole body routine helps maintain posture and most importantly generates the ‘feel good factor’ and a positive outlook!


Classes can be booked year round and offer a great way to handle the daily stress life throws at us. Feedback suggests they have helped people in a variety of ways from better flexibility to improved sleep.