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To feel better, we need a more positive frame of mind. We have to DO something to change the way we feel. It won’t happen on its own.


Make a decision that the way you feel is your responsibility.

Just making the decision to take responsibility for our own lives is empowering and instantly gives us hope.

About Cloud Nine

Fiona Jones practiced yoga in Canada where she used to live and has trained with YFNI Belfast, Yoga Biomedical Trust London and Yoga Buddies N.I. She lives and works in and around the North Antrim Coast.

She believes the benefits of yoga should be accessible to everyone and offers classes workshops and one on one for all ages and abilities. Along with her regular classes Fiona has taught in a primary school and a nursing home with an age range of 5 to 95!

She attempts to create a haven from today’s competitive society by encouraging everyone to work at their own pace and understand that their own personal best is ‘good enough’. On a personal level she found yoga helped her through a time of tremendous stress and is eager to pass on those benefits to others.

Fiona Jones aims to improve self esteem and confidence one stretch at a time!

Fiona Jones is currently in the process of recording a relaxation CD which you can purchase by clicking here.

Please contact Fiona on 028 2175 9633 or 07518391883 for rates and information.

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